Fast, precise, clear-cut and concise, Deb’s Edit can help you to overcome the minor pitfalls that beset those who write, whether casually, occupationally or professionally.
There’s many a great storyteller, who could not tell you where to use or not use an apostrophe, but whose writing can carry the reader off into a different time and world; and many technical gurus who couldn’t define the structure of a sentence, much less a paragraph, yet know their product information and functional components forwards and backwards. They (and you!) are awesome at what they do, but it’s counterproductive for each to get bogged down in correcting sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar.  A professional editor can take care of these writing problems and more!
For you, as a writer, it often becomes too difficult to edit your own articles, books, dissertations or manuscripts; much more, to have to format and apply layouts.  It pays to have a neutral third party go over it, before the big reveal.
Deb’s Edit can be there for you with the honest opinions, suggestions, and of course, corrections, that get results!

Why do you need an editor for your documents books blogs manuscriptsWhy an Editor?

formatting, structure and grammar are important!Look your best

common errors that are often overlooked!What you’re missing

if you really want to get that book published, is your need for an editorThe real cost

Use the right tool for the job at hand!Use the right tool

When life gets out of hand, hand it off!Serge your surge

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