Healing through the fire!

The day started out as any other day; A cold day in the middle of Winter. I was blessed, as I was able to stay home with the children; Sarah, 3 years old, and Joseph, 18 months. The three of us were enjoying our day at home, while their dad was at work, as a Drywall Taper in construction.

I was going about my daily activities; vacuuming, laundry, dusting, cooking; the children, they were entertaining themselves with their toys and books.

We’d bought a house on a little Island Resort, called Vieira’s Resort, on the Sacramento River after the flood of 1986. It was a little house, but for our small family it was perfect and affordable, which was important for a young family. The previous owners had completely gutted it out after the flood, so we were able to fully restore and decorate it the way we wanted to.

We used a Wood Stove as our only source of heat, so I had to keep feeding the fire to keep it blazing away behind the glass door. The house was compact, at only 900 square feet, so it wasn’t at all hard to heat.

I had just finished feeding the fire and the kids were both near me, playing; Joseph was running away from Sarah, as she chased him. Suddenly, he tripped near the stove. As he did, instinctively or impulsively, he reached out his hand to try and stop himself. Unfortunately, what he reached to do so was the glass door of that very hot wood stove. I saw him fall, but couldn’t catch him in time. His hand was on that red-hot glass for only a couple of seconds, but that was all it took to give him second- degree burns on his palm and each of his precious little finger tips!

I pulled his hand from the glass, and fearing the worst, grabbed him up and ran with him over to the kitchen sink, where I stuck his hand under the cold running water to try to stop the burn! Of course, by this time he was screaming blood-curdling screams that carried all the way down the street! He’d always been a very loud crier. It’s hard to imagine now, as he’s a very soft-spoken young man today.

Trying my best to sooth and comfort him while I held him, I also had to firmly grip his wrist just below the hand, to keep him from rubbing it against my shirt. Then, since I didn’t have the necessary first-aid medicine for his hand, I had to call my mother-in-law to bring some out to me. That was a very stressful few minutes; holding him while trying to hold the phone, trying to quickly explain what had happened, and asking if she could please hurry and get out here!

Finally, about half an hour later, she arrives. Between the two of us, we get Joseph’s injuries covered in salve and wrapped with gauze, giving him something for the pain. He calmed down, ultimately, but only after an exhausting two-hour ordeal was I able to rock him into a deep sleep.

The following day, I took him to his Pediatrician to have him checked out, and make sure there was no infection setting in. They gave me lots of supplies for changing the dressing daily.

Joseph’s hand took about two months to heal, completely. Glory to God, there were no scars left from his injury, and he had complete use of his hand. In fact, after several months passed, you couldn’t tell that he’d even had a burn there, to begin with!

Now, Joseph has been blessed with a talent for playing drums and for drawing. Obviously you need your hands for either of these gifts; What God has purposed, though, nothing of man can withstand. We’ve only to believe, and listen, and obey where His Spirit leads us on our Journey. We may make mistakes, stumbling and falling into disasters; but He rushes healing to us, in spite of our wailing and complaining, giving us the right medicine to bring us to healing in His time. In the end, we find, He provides us with the talent and skills we need to serve Him and bring more beauty to this earth he has provided us- Our home.

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  1. Lovely post, Deb. The last two paragraphs brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even imagine as a young mom what horror you must have felt when his hands landed on that stove. Yikes. I would have been crying with him.

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