Redemption in a ricochet!

God is sooo good!

I met a young man Sunday evening who had his life forever altered a week ago. He was a victim of a ricocheted bullet that’s left him paralyzed.
I got a call Friday from his stepmother asking for some paperwork to be notarized. After asking a few questions, I sadly informed her that I couldn’t do it; he didn’t have his ID with him.
Well, she called me back, Sunday afternoon, saying they’d managed to retrieve it and asked if I was available that evening or Monday morning. Tom and I were only relaxing, so I arranged to go that evening.
When I arrived at the hospital, the stepmom was waiting for me in the waiting room, and gave me more details of his story; it broke my heart.
She took me into his room in the ICU and introduced me to those present; very nice people. She introduced me to her stepson, and since he had a tracheotomy, he was unable to speak. But he was awake and communicating with his eyes and his head.
While I handled the business I was there for, she quietly spoke with him and asked him if he minded if I prayed with him before I left. He agreed.
Meanwhile, more family showed up and were visiting and encouraging him. I had no idea, yet, where they all stood with the Lord, but that didn’t matter; I just knew that God had sent me here to minister to this young man.
I put my bag aside and joined the family at his bedside. I could immediately feel the presence of the Holy Spirit surrounding us. They all had a hand on him, and I laid mine gently on his and began praying. The longer I prayed, the bolder I got. (I had been asking the Lord for His words to be spoken, while I did the paperwork)
The family was in agreement with me, and we all said AMEN when I finished. (It wasn’t a long prayer, I didn’t want to overwhelm him.)
The stepmom walked out with me and gave me a big hug. I gave her my card, promising to get him on our prayer chain at church. I also asked her to keep me updated on his progress.
I came out of my little, introverted comfort zone, and was amazed at how God used me there. To God be all the Glory.
Please keep this young man and his family in your prayers, as he has 2 young children, also. Thank you!

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