Eggs. Most everyone eats them. We eat them almost daily. We no longer had a source for the farm fresh eggs we were so used to eating (courtesy of some great friends nearby) after our move north, to Mound City, Kansas.

We opted to try the eggs from the local markets here, but we soon found out just how spoiled we were, in eating those fresh eggs prior to our move. There are really only two different stores that we frequent here for most of our groceries. Their eggs are fairly cheap; so, in keeping with our budget, we would purchase those eggs.

We were so disappointed in not only their taste but also in the quality of the eggs. We really had to add a lot of seasonings, cheese, and other ingredients, just to make them palatable. After a few months of this, we decided we needed to find another source for our eggs. After Tom did an internet search, and after we asked around at one store, we found a great source, but it would be a somewhat rough drive over miles and miles of gravel-covered roads. As we found out, the drive would be worth it; the eggs tasted so much better than we even expected! Tasty and filling!

The drive itself was truly refreshing, as we traveled through some beautiful country; passing a few old, dilapidated barns and some brand new, beautiful barns. One such farm we passed was in an idyllic setting, that could have been the setting for magazine pictures. Rolling hills, cows grazing peacefully over the fields, and a beautiful new home and barn, with a white picket fence separating the farm from the graveled roadway.

We passed an old, deserted church with the expected typical antique graveyard in the side yard area. In my imagination, I could see the parking area full on a Sunday, with worshipers joining together for their weekly fellowship and listening to their Pastor as he encouraged his flock. Or, a family of mourners, gathered by the graveside of a loved one, who recently went to their eternal resting place.

Because we were traveling on a gravel road, it was slow-going, and we were able to truly enjoy the serene, peaceful country scenery and pay closer attention to our surroundings. At one point, we passed some cows grazing, and one of the calves near the fence took off at a trot when we drove by. I guess she isn’t used to seeing cars or at least was startled a bit. I had to chuckle at her.

At another point, we crossed a short, narrow bridge over a beautiful area with a running creek and a couple of little “islands” on each side of the quaint bridge. I’m sure it is impassable during major storms, but it would be a beautiful site for taking photographs when the trees are in full bloom.

We found out, today, on our second trip to the egg man, that they’re moving their store, next month. This would be our final trip out there, to their ‘old location,’ for our monthly egg purchase. However, they are moving a bit closer to us, but the road traveled is paved. Kind of disappointing, when I think about it.

We are out here, in the middle of the country, near the middle of nowhere, truthfully. You won’t find a Starbucks or even a McDonald’s anywhere near here. You have to travel at least 30 to 40 miles to find even a chain restaurant, such as Chic-Fil-A or Panera Bread, but that’s okay; we love it here in our little corner of our community.

Our little “Egg-scapade” was a wonderful trip, but it also shows just a small taste of our life, here and now. Still, we will always long to be with our friends and family, and we hope each of them will always feel as welcomed here, as they have made us feel as well; and of course, always loved.

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