Look Your Best!

Look your best!

(Or, formatting, structure and grammar are important!)

We know that formatting, structure, and grammar are all important aspects to a superbly finished product. The question is: Why? Why are these important and how do you get them accomplished? Read on for some clarity and answers to those questions.

Formatting: It’s something we’re all used to, the chapters and the way they’re concise and all begin the same way. Page numbers at the bottom so you know where you leave off when you have to stop reading because of interruptions in your reading time. All these things we readers take for granted, but they woudn’t happen if there weren’t professional formatters in the publishing business.

Structure: This is very important as well. A book that is not organized into chapters with each paragraph indented, insuring that each chapter is not too long, these these are what make a book easy to read and enjoy. If it was one long sentence, not broken up into sections, it wouldn’t be long and the reader would grow very annoyed and quite possibly decide that it’s not worth their time or effort to read the book after all.

Grammar: We all know that grammar is extremely important in the writing arena. If not for grammar, Grandma might get eaten! Grammar is to writing as horses are to cowboys… or something like that!

If we didn’t use grammar properly, we’d have run-on sentences, sentence fragments, sentences without punctuation, and it would simply be a hot mess, and a horrible thing to try to decypher. When writers write, they often don’t pay attention to the grammar end of things because they’re focused on their craft. Understandably so, which is where a good editor comes in. A good editor will take your manuscript and do their magic in this area.