The Real Cost

The Real Cost

Hey, you! Yes, you.  Have you, as an author, really thought about what it means to hire an editor?  Or are you too focused on getting your book written, and couldn’t care less about the next step?  You’d rather just keep writing and staying on track with getting your masterpiece finished, and into the hands of your readers, right?

If this is you, then you need to stop and give me your attention, for at least a few minutes. We have something that truly needs to be discussed, and now is the time to do so.

Have I got your attention, yet?

Something you as an author need to think about, if you really want to get that book published, is your need for an editor. Many authors put this ‘need’ on the back burner to be dealt with at a later time and date; they don’t realize that to get their manuscript into book form, they need to also be searching for the best editor to polish up their manuscript, fixing all of the grammar and spelling errors that many authors just tend to leave in the dust, as they continue to write, thinking they’ll get fixed later in their revisions.

But, they don’t get fixed. At least, not by the authors, typically. Furthermore, most editors are booked up for months at a time; and if that’s the case, you’re in trouble.

So, you decide to edit it yourself. (Not a good idea.) That can be a very costly mistake. It’s always best to get a second, and even a third set of “fresh eyes” to read and find the mistakes and corrections that need to be made. I guarantee; there are mistakes to find.

If you really want your readers to get lost in your story, and not becoming sidetracked by errors they find as they read, then you need someone with an attention to detail, an eagle-eye for the missing commas, apostrophes or other punctuation that doesn’t belong; you need to hire an editor, along with a proofreader. At the same time, you will need a line-edit performed to ensure your story makes sense, as it’s read.

Don’t pay the ultimate price, losing readership, because you wouldn’t hire an editor to polish and perfect what you’ve written. Talk to me. I can help. Click the “CONTACT” page to start along the right path! Talk with you soon!