What You’re Missing

What you’re missing (or, common errors that are often overlooked!)

The obvious thing that a lot of authors miss, when they are furiously writing, typing or generally getting words to paper, are the misspellings of such words as too, two, and to or their, there and they’re. Then there are the not-so-obvious errors:

  • Typing a word out twice twice.
  • Using the wrong form of a word, such as weather (but you’re not talking about the rain outside) when you meant whether. Manor, when you’re referring to how someone behaves, not where they live as in Manner.
    • It’s always important to choose the correct word and the correct spelling of said word in conveying what you’re trying to get across to your readers.

In all these cases I’ve just mentioned, a good editor will go through and make those corrections in your manuscript, so you don’t have to even think about it.

Do you use too many elipses… or, more than you should? Let your editor fix that, too.

Are you a writer, who “tells” more than “shows”? That and more, can be addressed, with a good line edit. It’s important that you know the difference, as an author, so contact me or email me if you want to know more about it, or have other questions!