Why an Editor?

Why an Editor ( why does anyone need an editor?)

Why an editor? That can be a very complicated question if I let it, but it doesn’t have to be. When a writer is deep into their writing, they’re not thinking about the end results or even the final product. They just want to get the words down to paper as quickly as possible. Therefore, there are going to be errors. Most likely, many of them.

Yes, you, the writer and author, will go back and reread the final manuscript and you will do quite a bit of editing, yourself, at first; but, you will always need a fresh set of eyes to read, decipher and make corrections in, not only the composition of your story, but also the fine details of grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

Here at Deb’s Edit, when I read a story my eyes ALWAYS pick up the mistakes; the misplaced apostrophes (the “your” instead of “you’re”, etc.), the spelling errors, etc. It brings me great satisfaction when I can take a blog-post, a dissertation, or a non-fiction or fiction manuscript and clean it up to the best of my abilities, presenting an almost error-free product back to my authors.

I have a strong attention to detail, that can’t be turned off. Even when reading for pleasure, I inevitably find errors, try as I might to just keep reading.

Please visit my website, debsedit.com, and/or send me a message, so we can get started with editing your masterpiece.

My prices are always negotiable.